28th April, 2015

It is extremely difficult to disassociate stress from the legal profession. Acknowledging the ill-effect of stress and the necessity to manage stress in professional life, a workshop was organized by the Bombay Bar Association on stress, its effects and management.

Dr. Vihan Vahia, a reputed psychiatrist, addressed the members of the Bar on ‘Responding to the Pressures of Success.’ He emphasis the need to balance the drive for success with mental and physical well being.

Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi, a senior oncologist and surgeon attached to the Tata Memorial Hospital addressed the members on Life style and Cancer. Dr. Chaturvedi apprised the members of the various ill-effects of tobacco, alcohol and other stress related life style and exhorted the members to eliminate them from their lives.

The workshop was very well received and well attended. The Bombay Bar Association intends to conduct similar workshops in the near future.