On 21 September 2015, the Bombay Bar Association felicitated Hon’ble Justice Smt. V. K. Tahilramani on her being designated as the Acting Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court. Welcoming Justice Tahilramani, the President, Dr. Milind Sathe, said that after a lapse of nearly two and a half decades (i.e., since Justice Mrs. Sujata Manohar), there was a lady Justice heading the Bombay High Court.  The Bar took great pride in the fact that one of its members has been designated as the Acting Chief Justice. The Secretary, Dr. Birendra Saraf, pointed out that after a long time, somebody from Mumbai was the at the helm of affairs of the Bombay High Court and that would greatly aid and facilitate court administration as also the administration of justice in the State. Addressing members, the Hon’ble Justice Smt. V. K. Tahilramani said that Bombay Bar Association was one of the oldest associations in the country and that she was proud that she had been a member of this Association.  She assured the members that any difficulty faced by the members of the Bar would be appropriately and expeditiously addressed by the court administration. Members warmly met and felicitated Justice Tahilramani over tea.