On 22nd November 2014, the new Standing Committee of the Bar Association organized its first workshop in the Workshop/Lecture series which was a workshop on “Evidence in Civil Trials”. Recently, a number of trial matters have been taken up for hearing by the Hon’ble High Court. Evidence is also being recorded in commission. The subject was of great interest to all junior advocates practicing on the original side of the High Court. There was an overwhelming response to the workshop. A large number of registrations were received from both members as well as non members. There was a packed bar room.

  The esteemed panel comprised of:

(1)   The Hon’ble Mr. Justice G. S. Patel;

(2)   Mr. Hiralal J. Thacker (Sr. Advocate);

(3)   Mr. Rafique A. Dada (Sr. Advocate);

(4)   Mr. Fredun E. Devitre (Sr. Advocate).


The faculty addressed the members of the Bar on various aspects of civil trial such as :

(1)       Pleadings vis-a-vis Evidence.

(2)       On what aspects is evidence necessary?

(3)       Documentary and Oral evidence.

(4)       Admission and denial of documents.

(5)       on what aspects is oral evidence required to be lead?

(6)       Preparation for trial.

(7)       Drafting of affidavit in lieu of examination in chief.

(8)       Marking and proving of documents.

(9)       Proof of contents of documents.

(10)    Cross examination – extent of.

(11)    Introduction of new documents in the course of cross examination.


This was followed by an interesting interactive session where the faculty members patiently responded to questions raised by the participants, spanning myriad issues of trial and evidence.