On 28 August 2015, the Bombay Bar Association organized a farewell dinner for the Hon’ble the Chief Justice Mr. Mohit Shah. The members attended the dinner in large numbers and wished the Chief Justice good health and good luck for his life ahead. The President, Dr.Milind Sathe speaking on the occasion stated that the Hon’ble Chief Justice had not only been a very kind, considerate and able judge, but he was also a very efficient administrator. In five long years that he was the Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court, the Chief Justice had contributed a great deal in the administration of the court and the administration of justice in the State. He highlighted the contributions and landmark judgements particularly in public interest litigations delivered by the Hon’ble Chief Justice. The Hob’ble Chief Justice speaking on the occasion stated that he had become, in the five long years, very much a part of Bombay. He reminisced the days that he spent in Mumbai and said that he would always remember the “good old days” in Mumbai. The Hon’ble Chief Justice praised the Bar of Bombay for their hard work, dilligence, in-depth preparation and their co-operation. The Secretary, Dr. Birendra Saraf, stated that the members of the Bombay Bar Association were ever grateful to the Hon’ble Chief Justice for preserving the Original Side of the Bombay High Court. The Vice President, Mr. Nitin Thakkar felicitated the Hon’ble Chief Justice by presenting him with a plaque on behalf of the Bar Association.