FELICITATION DINNER for Members completing 50 Years at the Bar

A dinner was organised to felicitate the senior members for having completed 50 years at the bar, Mr. Sunil V. Manohar, Senior Advocate, for his appointment as the Advocate General of Maharashtra and Mr. Anil C. Singh, Senior Advoctate, for his appointment as the Additional Solicitor General of India.

The following senior members were felicitated on their completion of 50 years standing:

Mr. Iqbal M.Chagla                  

Mr. Rafique A Dada        

Mr. Vasudeo A Gangal    

Mr. U. J Makhija  

Mr. R. C Master

Mrs. Mohini Mirchandani

Mr. Yusuf H Muchhala

Mrs. Shashi A.Rana

Mr. Arvind G. Sabnis

Mr. M. I Sethna

The members attended the event in large numbers and high spirits. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The members felicitated the seniors and the law officers by presenting them with momentos.