A condolence meeting was held in the Bombay Bar Association premises to mourn the passing of the following members:

1.             Mr. L. G. Oza

2.             Mr. S. N. Parikh

3.             Mr. P. A. Sebastian

Mr. Avinash Rana, Senior Advocate spoke in the memory of Mr. S. N. Parikh and remembered him as a great friend and a very seasoned lawyer The members remembered Mr. Parikh as a perfect gentleman and an expert in excise laws.


Mr. Vinay Pathak spoke in the memory of Mr. L. G. Oza and said that in him he had lost a great friend and a guide. Mr. Oza till a very late age used to continue to attend the court and used to sit in the Bar room with his colleagues.


Mr. Pradeep Mandhyan remembered late Mr. P. A. Sebastian as a crusader for public causes who  relentlesslyfought for the amelioration of the down trodden and marginalised sections of society and championed the cause of human rights. The members fondly admired as to how late P.A. Sebastian fought his physical limitations and demonstrated sheer determination and grit. The members observed silence in  memory of the departed members. The family members and the friends of the departed members also attended the condolence meeting.